2012 various splits are found within the fault lines

2012 The movie exploits the possibility of a worldwide doomsday occasion corresponding with the finish of the Mayan Calendar’s present cycle on December 21, 2012.Jackson Curtis is a separated father who works part time as a limousine driver and an author, while his ex Kate Curtis and their kids live with her boyfriend. Guatemala reports starts to come as a suicides groups in the Mayan wildernesses of individuals trying to maintain from the approaching end of the world. The  Institute of Human Continuity- a secret institution- has understood the circumstances and starts developing tremendous arks in Tibet, underneath the Himalayan mountains, designed to sustain natural disasters in general, just to save both mankind, and significant creatures, for when doomsday at long last happens. There are discussions about when and how the governments  of the world will notify their natives and even talks about how the rest of the survivors will be chosen to survive. When they find that the disaster is happening faster than the expected, they began to race to these boats to save humans before the total lost. Then on a journey with his two kids to Yellowstone, Jackson meets Charlie Frost. Frost has his own particular radio segment and blog about his beliefs that the Mayans are right about 2012. Over the coming days, various splits are found within the fault lines in California. Despite the government pleasures  that everything is fine, Curtis isn’t convinced. Employing a private jet  and starts assembling essential supplies he races to his ex’s home to save himself and his family from the World’s disaster happening around them. After a long and unsafe race through the falling streets of Los Angeles to get to Santa Monica Airport, Kate’s boyfriend  Gordon utilizes his piloting skills to get the family members to security as the runway collapses  beneath them. After their take off, they flow through Los Angeles as the whole city got destructed around them. As they look back the whole Los Angeles city  has just begun to disintegrate into the Pacific. Its turned out to be clear that it’s not only Los Angeles that is encountering the catastrophe. In fact, the Yellowstone Super volcano erupts, Las Vegas was destroyed by an enormous chasm that slices through the city and a huge cloud from the Yellowstone eruption. Washington, D.C. is overflowed by a gigantic wave which eliminates the White House, in the same time,  The Vatican in Rome has also crashed, destroying  thousand-year old Catholic architecture and killing thousands within seconds.Numerous survivors, including Curtis and his family battles their way to China before they can board the considerable arks and save themselves from the huge tsunami that will be flooding the  Mother Earth.