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2.10 Medieval Europe and Japan EssaySotiri BaconDocument A1. What time period does the American Cyclopaedia use to explain the “Dark Ages” ?The fifth to fifteenth century2. Does “intellectual depression” refer to the people of the “Dark Ages” or hictorical knowledge of the time?Intellectual depression refers to the era when historians thought that not a lot of learning and education was taught. With little no innovation.3. Does this definition resemble more the original meaning of the “Dark Ages” or the meaning it gained over time?”Dark Ages” resembled more of a meaning it gained over time.Document B1: How did religion influence the Magna Carta?Religion influenced the magna carta usually by the church since it influenced a lot of the surroundings. 2. How did the Magna Carta limit the power of King John?It limited it by making sure he couldnt take peasants money and that everyone had the same amount of power. And since he lost a battle against france he had to make sure he had support from the nobles.3: How did the Magna Carta lay the foundation for democracyThey laid the foundation to limit the monarchs and make people not go to jail without going to a trial.Document C1:  How does this painting show the influence of religion on politics? It shows Joan of arc holding a banner with 3 saints inside of it, while Joan of arc is dressed and ready for war. Meaning that this war was approved to be fought by the church of somewhat.2: Do you think the painter of this picture viewed Joan of arc as a heroine? ExplainYes, I think the painter viewed her as a heroine because it looked like her sword and armor and the banner meant some type of victory. Also that they painted her in armor meaning shes courageous. 3: How does this painting combine the style of the ancient Greek and Roman artists with that of the artists of the Middle Ages?The flag and saints are a little unrealistic considering their floating and such. Plus the flag looks a little bit middle aged.Document D:1: Do you think the stle of the book suggests anything about its value? ExplainI think that the style of the book is represented by how neat and how well done it is. People who like his work would  definetely pay think this is high value.2:  When was the edition in this image published? How does that relate to its original publication?Between the original was published 897 to 930 CE and it relates because Daigo mandated this book be made.3. What do the types of poems in this collection tell you about the Japaneese society at this time?The types of poems tell me that japanese society was peaceful and calming. No sorts of toxicity.Document E:1: How do you think the Crusades may have influenced the trade routes shown on this map?So the people that were traveling on this route may or may not have conflict with someone else.2: Which cities shown on the map do you think were most affected by ideas from foreign lands?I think a lot of the small cities were affected since there was a lot of on going battles and where people may have not been able to make trades as the big cities.3: How might trade have affected the culture of people living in the areas shown along the trade routes?Well if there was a lot of battles there would be less or more trade depending on how much battles there were.Document F: 1: Based on this excerpt, do you think trade was instrumental in the spread of buddhism to Japan? Explain.Yes I do think trade was instrumental beacuse even the priests  went on the journeys too. 2: Summarize the trade relations described in this excerpt. Do you think the geographic locations of Japan, China, and Korea contributed to this trade?Yes, I do think the locations contributed to their trade. Theres a lot of cities and such in between to sell and trade to. And since they were all relatively close its easier to trade with them.3: How do you think people in Japan, China, and Korea were affected by the trade described here? Explain.It was most of the a sourrce of income and thats mostly what they knew how to do since they were mostly really close.ConclusionIs the “dark ages” an appropriate term to describe the Middle Ages?No, I dont believe the term was an appropriate thing when describing the middle ages. There was famous poets, authors, musicians, cultures and so many other things. The middle ages wasnt really a good time compared to before the dark ages. The period of the dark ages was full of darkness and regression that occured in europe. Most people are stuck on the fact that its called the dark age instead of looking at the various achievements. The dark ages opened up better opportunities throughout different areas. And when king john began to abuse his power they created the Magna Carta, which prevented him from taking money from peasants and such. And that caused everyone to have the same amount of power instead of King John having all the power. This all happened because he lost the battle against france. Even though there were a lot of terrible events that happened the world would be a different place without those things happening. Hence why the “Dark Ages” was a misleading name to the Middle Ages. According to the Magna Carta, religion was influencing most of the surroundings and ending decisions. And also made it so that you cant go to jail without some sort of “Trial”. In my opinion the “Dark Ages” had many achievements and things happen to trading that it cant really be called the Middle Ages. Thats why I think that its an innapropriate name for the MIddle Ages.