19 is commonly associated with the public debut of

19 years, 4.5
months ago… This is, what I believe, when a new era began1.
Although the Internet Age, under the umbrella of Information Age, is commonly associated
with the public debut of WWW in 1991, or even back to TCP/IP protocol and
Arpanet, it began when Google made the worldwide information progress a


More than 51% of
the world’s population is estimated to be Internet users2
and Google touches virtually everyone in the connected world, apart from the
regional hubs of China and a bit of Russia3.
The power to connect and influence billions of people is such a unique quality
that only a few great achievers are able, such as Coca-Cola. Just as one can
see a can of Coca-Cola in Tanzania, so one can see a service of Google in
someone’s hands4. The
service is truly global and humane that I extremely value and would like to
contribute to.

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As we think of
the information, what was once concentrated on the source, now is within reach
of everyone interested. Therefore, the progress of humanity now meets the
equality, as the horizon for everyone is enlarged multiple times by the
available answers. Originally the answer company, now much more, Google is one
of the biggest information exchanges that brings people together and provides
the answer for anything people look for. “What the world is searching for now”
interests me if I would like to see the transaction floor of this exchange.


The mottoes
“Focus on the user, all else will follow” and “Do the right thing”5,
reflect core values as the user, the primary customer, is above all, including
just profit making. What makes the brand so special is the culture to me, that
is how people work to achieve great things. The greatest thing is the design of
the white homepage with such a strong and striking minimalism, that does not promote
itself. I am indeed inspired by this revolutionary way of how we perceive
visuality and how we think in sophisticated simplicity.