A proxy war is when two opposing countries avoid direct war, and instead supporting other opposing countries who are going to war by supplying them with weapon and assets. In some occasions, two countries will be directly involved in the war and two other bigger or stronger countries will aid a country in the two thus they would be using the weaker countries as a puppet.        An international struggle between the US and the USSR for world domination of their competing ideologies, Capitalism versus Communism. Thus Korea was used as a proxy by both countries to see who is better at war. Both countries did not full in combat each as the result due to the war would be horrific and might lead to millions dead thus both countries fought each other through proxy wars and civil wars           It can be seen that the Korean war was a proxy war as North Korea believed in communism. Their leader Kim Il-sung was also the dictator of North Korea who practiced Stalinism and cult of personality thus proving how North Korea was becoming like USSR. Whereas South Korea, on the other hand, believed in Capitalism He led South Korea through the Korean War.their prime minister at that time was Syngman Rhee. His presidency ended in resignation following popular protests against a disputed election. Rhee was regarded as an anti-Communist and pro-capitalist dictator, and he ordered thousands of extrajudicial killings of communist supporters within South Korea.       While the Soviet Union never got directly involved in the fighting, it did supply North Korea with weapons and supplies. The US, on the other hand, did commit its own troops as part of a UN international-peacekeeping force. In reality, the UN force was in name only; the troops were made up of almost entirely American forces, with some American allies. The Korean War was the first instance that it became clear that the UN could be used by the US as a foreign policy