you know, Jeep products are in demand in many Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Inc.
locations and currently have one of the highest sales rate. After following
complaints and testing the product, it has come to our attention that the masse
shipment of 2017 Jeep Cherokees are found to be inadequate. Consumers
satisfaction and their safety is our main priority and it seems as though this
product malfunction is inhibiting these factors and therefore reducing sales.
It is important for us as a company to investigate this issue further to
resolve it, implement policies and do all that we can to avoid this issue in
the future.

Factors Leading to Failed Product:

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you know, with the prevailing issue, sales in Jeep products are decreasing. After
a thorough investigation, the concerns with the new product have been addressed
and will be explained in the following:

A.    People
are finding issues with the transmission claiming irregular shifting and
difficult shifting.

B.     Issues
have arisen with the in-car Electronics. The product has difficulty starting
and there is a malfunction with the power door locks.

C.     The
overall drive system is malfunctioning. The product stalls while in motion and
people are experiencing blown cylinder heads.

Appropriate Actions We Should Take

order to better the situation, as a district manager, I will insure that my
employees understand the issue and the demand for customer satisfaction and
safety. It is also important for all members of this company to remain discrete
about the situation to avoid negative reviews and a further decrease in sales.
The malfunctions as mentioned above should be taken seriously and be taken into
consideration with further manufacturing of this product. For these measures to
be in effect, it is up to the owner, to take responsibility in contacting the
head of the company to stop shipments immediately and to propose a recall.  Also, it is important to inform the manufacturers
of the malfunctions in the product. All members of this union should know the
effect that the recall and product malfunctions will have on the corporation’s

actions should be taken effectively and efficiently to avoid damage to the corporation’s
well-known success. Our location is known for its reliability and customer satisfaction
therefore it is important to rectify these situations immediately and
effectively. The approval for the recall and the change in manufacturing is
very significant for all locations and all consumers. I look forward to seeing an
effective change in the Jeep Cherokees.