The RLC circuit that connected in parallel
has a circular structure contain many necessary types of equipment, and it
consists of elements and parts working together to supply the circuit powered,
this circuit which containing a resistor, an inductor, and a capacitor are
connected in parallel works by putting the battery as a source of power has two
poles one holds a positive charge and the other one holds a negative charge,
and wire connects to the battery starts from positive pole then to three wires
to be inside the electrical circuits three rectangles of the wires connected
together through the confluence called Junction point.

The first wire holds resistor (R) works to
reduce the current that passes through the circuit. The second wire holds
Inductor is consisting of many coils that create a magnetic field that makes a
potential difference opposite and equal to the current energy that’s called
emf. That’s working to stop the current from passing after while the energy of
the opposite volts starts to minimize until it stops the current pass the whole
circle from the battery affected by resistance only. The third wire holds
capacitor is A measure of the amount of charge in the two panels to produce the
voltage difference and the current is increased when the circuit connected in

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After that, the wire ends connected with a
negative pole for the battery so, in this way the current is formed start from
the positive pole of the battery and ended on the negative pole through the
wire crossing, according to that consists effective electrical circuit, the
value of current which is exterior from the positive pole at the beginning of
the wire and called total current (Is) it sums the value of currents passing
through three wires branching to (Ir+Ic+Il), according to Kirchhoff’s law
(KCL), the value of the potential difference is fixed in parallel connecting.