. Types of FinFET

The FinFETs are basically classified into two types namely- Independent gate FinFET (IGF), Short gate FinFET (SGF). IG FinFETs are having four terminals while SGF are have only three terminals. The gates are isolated in IGF structures whereas the front and the back gates  of SGF are shorted to each other as shown in Fig. 13. SGF structures are having higher ON current as compared to IGF structure because SGF structure jointly uses both the gates for electrostatic control of the channel. However, an IGF structure offers the flexibility to apply different signal on the different gates but at the expense of larger chip area 10.

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On the basis of asymmetries, the SGF structures can be further classified. We can keep the same work function of both the gate or we can take different value of work functions, known as Asymmetric SGF (ASGF). ASGF structures are very promising for short channel behaviour 10.