irst cost: related to initial requirement costs to create staircase stations.Second: costs related to train of employees .third: require a period of inactivityThe benefits:Increase opportunity to make orders on time and remove of waste would allow for more competitive quotes.The non-financial benefits is the increase motivation and efficiency of the employees.Dean sell his idea to the Joinery Manager and the workers at the second stage before the implementation of the project. This affect to some of the newcomers of joiners in the organization. the point at which orders are scheduled and allocated to workers. This is where the biggest impact can be made in terms of production time.Different would the cell work be to that in the main Joinery department by dividing into small cells that would specialize in different parts of the product manufacturing process. The new system differ in terms of the workers being assigned to individual cells rather than being responsible for all parts of the process. The location of the equipment was also not specified, all change with the conversion to the cell manufacturing system. It involvetraining the workers so that they can adapt to the cell operational, the Joiner Manager would need to supervise less and a well support position.Sure , Dean should differentiate the working environment by providing new changes in the factory to create the best possible working conditions designed to maximize employee satisfaction. Dean will have to sell the idea to the workers because the cell manufacturing system will entail completely different work processes. This could eliminate confusion and encourage joiners to stay within the respective areas in the factory.Changing in project process was not easy and faced many challenge, risks for Dean’s proposal will be to refusethe employees of. Costs will be incurred in the form of formal training and development programs that will have to be conducted in order to help the employees adapt to the new structure. Experienced workers could react negatively and resign, leaving a knowledge gap that would be difficult to replace