1. opened. The split view also needs to be

1. Customizable Control Panel

As the Control Panel has been changed, make sure that the
applications works smoothly and passes any interruptions while using control

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Navigate from the app to the Control Panel and make some
changes and navigate back and check the performance of the application.


2. Multitasking Dock for iPads

This feature allows the user to work on multiple
applications on the dock, and switch between the same in a few seconds without
any further navigation.

The iOS 11 allows the users to use up to 13 applications

This feature also allows the users to open 2 applications
and operate with both of them. One application will be shown as a pop-up.

The testers needs to make sure that the UI elements are not
located at the bottom of the page, as they will be invisible when the dock is

The testers also need to ensure the performance of the
applications is as desired when working on dock, while the others applications
are also opened.

The split view also needs to be tested well while working


3. Files Application

The application integrated with the Files will require the
testers to make sure the integration is working fine.


4. Drag and Drop

The testers need to make sure that the Drag and Drop feature
for images, photos, videos and documents between the apps is working as


5. Intelligent Siri

As a major change has been done in the existing SiriKit API,
it can now also work with task management, online payments type of

Integration testing needs to be done properly before the
application is published on App store.


6. Updated Notifications

As the design of the notifications has been changed, make
sure that the notifications for the applications are displayed properly.


7. Improved Maps


The Maps now also show speed limits, and indoor maps within
shopping malls and large airports.

The applications which include Maps integration needs to be
tested considering the new changes.


8. Augmented Reality Changed

As the ARKit has been introduced by Apple, the testers need
to make sure it is working smoothly with multiple devices and with the camera
(turned ON/OFF).

The testers also need to ensure the functioning on every
Apple iPhone and iPad. Tester need to ensure the smoothness of user experience
and working of complete functionality. Also, the complete functionality should
be tested in a special mode for disabled people.