1. a brain disease because drug abuse leads to

1.    Introduction

Drug addiction have become a serious problem in our
society. Many people die of drug use without realizing its
potential danger. According to the latest UNODC statistics, 552
people die each day of drug abuse in the world (cited in Electronic
newspaper ,2016). Despite
of harmful consequences, using drug is voluntary for most people and difficult
to control. Actually drugs is used for some sort of medicinal purpose. When drug
is taken into the body,body functions will be changed.That affect
perception,behavior,emotion and thought. Not only people use many psychoactive
drugs for acceptable medicinal reasons,but also do they use for recreational,
illegal (e.g, to feel good, be relax, avoid reality). This types of addiction
lead to many negative effects. Drugs addiction was described as a cause of ill-
heath,poverty and consequence of family breakdown, weak communities, lack of
opportunities or education. Therefore, this paper, with the purpose to provide
information about clear definition, negative effects ,consequences and solution
of drug addiction.

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of findings

is drug addiction?

addiction has a number of different definitions. As reported by Joseph Goldberg
( 2016), drug addiction is defined as chronic disease, recurrent encephalopathy
is characterized by finding and using drugs. When the drug is introduced into the body, the
function of the body is changed. This affects perception, behavior, emotion and
thought. Addictions
often relapsed that leads to drug use and abuse, although the consequences are
detrimental to drug addicts and those around them. Drug addiction is a brain
disease because drug abuse leads to a change in the structure and function of
the brain. Although most people decide to use drugs voluntarily, over time the
changes in the brain from repeated drug abuse can diminish self-control and the
ability to make informed decisions, It also creates a strong impetus for drug
use.It is because of these changes in the brain that it is difficult for a
person to stop using drugs

As reported
by Harry Croft ( 2016),