1.2 fall short of its full potential. This could

1.2 Compare the models used to link individual roles and development with team performance Research has shown; that when schools incorporate team building activities within their training days, it creates a sense of belonging; encourages tolerance and team spirit; and improves communication skills. Team building activities help motivate educators to feel valued and work as a cohesive team. These can be used when inducting new staff to encourage working relationships. A couple of these activities are described below:Eg 1 Two truths and one lie Say two facts about yourself and one lie; then go around the room and have each person read their card. The goal is for the rest of the room to try and spot the lie.Eg. 2 Who am I? Each person to write down one interesting fact about themselves and place the papers into a bowl to be shuffled. Each person will then pull out a card and guess whose interesting fact they are reading. When a team is performing at its best, you will usually find that each team member has clear responsibilities that they are working at. Every role is needed to achieve the team’s goal in order to be performed fully and to standard. Despite clear roles and responsibilities; a team may fall short of its full potential. This could be due to a member of the team not completing what is expected of them, or maybe others are not quite flexible enough.Belbin observed that people in teams tend to assume different ‘team roles’. He defined a team role as “a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.” All staff should be highly trained and effective in their roles, this can be done through group supervision and individual feedback. Weekly staff meetings and termly whole school meetings, are also needed to discuss, evaluate and give feedback from the previous term for further progress. Induction for a new member of staff will be done by the manager – shown around the school, put onto training courses if needed or any renewals eg. First Aid, Health and Safety, Child protection and Safeguarding. The new member will be on three months’ probation and afterwards a review, to either terminate or continue in that employment. Overall in order to make a highly functioning team I agree with Belbin’s philosophy about “celebrating and making the most of individual differences”.