· future use, the giga factory 1 is has

Uninterrupted power supply
and alternate energy;

There is an Uninterrupted
power supply and Alternate energy sources in the industries, will be satisfactory
for current situation. Because our whole energy system is the form of non-conventional
source, so therefore the alternate energy sources will be the increasing demand
trends for now and for Uninterrupted power supply is in increased demands due
to lack of the reliability of the microgrids in the power system.

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Uninterrupted power supply will be the future increasing trend then the
alternate energy, because the alternate energy will have replaced by the direct
energy in the future so the trend for alternate energy will be not more in the
future. The direct energy will be the power system smart grid, in which the
Uninterrupted power supply will be major part because, in which Uninterrupted
power supply acts as inverter and stores the D.C. energy. Uninterrupted power
supply will be the main back up source, actually in general uninterrupted power
supply are called as batteries. In future giga factory batteries will rule the
world as the main back up source, therefore the tech giant Elon Musk has
building a huge battery called giga factory battery for the future use, the
giga factory 1 is has been in construction in Nevada USA which is of lithium
ion batteries with energy source as solar photo-voltaic cells ,  and giga factory 2 is being construction in
the New York, USA which is also of same lithium ion batteries with energy
source as solar Photo-voltaic cells. Therefore, the Uninterrupted power supply
will be the more increasing in demands in future due to increase in population.Therefore,
the Elon Musk will be creating a series of giga factory as 1 2 3 4 and 5 and so
on for the future of the back up power to give continuous uninterrupted power
supply for the continues in demand of the electricity. And this power system
repair and renovate, can take place while this back up power is on their perfect
condition and this Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) will be reliable for the
future smart grid in the excess demand of the electricity.





days this lithium ion batteries are rechargeable, and this can be done many
times in any process, even solar energy can charge the batteries. For example,
tesla made the batteries for tesla model S car, in which the batteries are in
the form of AA size battery but in a larger in size that is it contains 7104cylindrical
cells in the car as a back up source which is around 85 KW.




There isplenty of batteries upcoming in future,
like Gold Nano wires batteries which is thousand times thinner than the human
air, so it may rule the smart phones world due their better withstanding of
recharging more than 200000 (2 million) times with in the three months and it
does not show any degradation in it, but the fact is due to gold in this
battery this battery might be little bit costlier than any other batteries.
And, there are batteries like Bioo plant cell, Fuel cell, Laser made micro
super capacitors, Sodium ion batteries, Foam batteries and Graphene batteries
and so on.


In which after lithium ion batteries it is said that the graphene
batteries are the best suitable for the electric vehicles because it charges faster
than lithium ion which is 33 times faster than the lithium ions and the
discharging also the same in case of the graphene batteries. On full charge of
the graphene battery it will run till 500 miles in the street and this takes
only few minutes to charge the battery and run the vehicle.







In Uninterrupted Power supply does not mean back power only by batteries
this also goes with diesel generators to be operated during the lack of power
supply to the system. Like this many home generators are there in many
residentials now a days because they need to be electrified their homes 24 * 7,
so they set generators in which some will run at gas some in fuels like diesel
kerosene and petrol and so on for the generation of electricity during the
Black out or Brown out.





Therefore, Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) will
be acting as the back up power for the reliability in grid which will be the
result of future smart grid.

for alternate source; the energy can be produced in environmental
friendly, as for me this Non-conventional energy sources are bad for
environment, that is for example in thermal power plant mostly Coal is used for
burning, which in return produces the most dangerous gas substances and
elements. So, we can opt the renewable energy sources like Wind power, Solar
power, Bio mass power, Tidal power and Geo thermal power. In the country like
India it is possible to generate energy from all the sources of the renewable.
Solar energy and Wind energy and Bio mass energy can play a vital role in
India. In which there are enormous amount of bio waste products are there in
India Which can main source electricity if we use it properly. Even with the
help of human shit we can produce electricity and our country also has a huge
population for the resource to be implemented in the generation field using Bio
products. Even the diesel can be replaced by Bio diesel, so as of now India is
planning to replace 20% of the diesel by Bio diesel, which is also environment
friendly, even in sugar factory we can generate electricity. Like this most the
high-class individuals are generating their own electricity and giving their
additional electricity to their government, and this becomes the initiative for
the alternate energy. In my point of view approximately 30% to 35% of the
demand in electricity can be fulfilled if we utilize the Bio mass energy
properly in our country.







After Bio mass energy, Solar energy can be taken
in considerations, currently 76000 MWh power is generated through the Solar
energy, and our country is planned to increase the Solar energy power to 93000
MWh in the time period of the 2017 to 2022. And in this solar panels can be
kept in all the roof tops of the houses and to satisfy their own demand of
energy. Nano Photo Voltaic cells solar can panel can be more efficient in
monopoly panels with circular in shape for the panels for better coverage of
the heat from the sun. In our country solar energy gives very few energies for
now, in which our state Tamil Nadu shares the maximum of the energy through
solar power and followed by Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra
Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and little in some other states.






Following Bio mass energy and solar energy, Wind energy takes place in
our county in which major renewable energy generated through the wind energy.
In our country the largest wind power plant produces 1500 MWh I which is
located in the Muppandal Wind farm, in which our total demand of electricity is
satisfied by the wind energy by 15% in on 2015 which is equal to 9.521 GWh
power through wind energy, in that our state Tamil Nadu gives the share of 7633
MWh in wind energy, which is also maximum of other states. But unfortunately,
in our country many of the wind mill generators are not working due to the lack
of wind in that place and lack of knowledge of electrical engineers in Indian
Board of electricity (Which includes all the Electricity board) because this
engineerhas built wind mills where there will be low wind and they have wasted
governments money. But the happy news is that in our Pudumadam Village in
Ramnathapuram district in Tamil Nadu has five wind mills and they are operating
all over the years since they are placed.




After all these energies Tidal energy and the
Geo Thermal energy comes to the satisfaction of electricity through environmental
friendly energy source that is alternate energy. In Tidal energy our country
produces almost 8000 MWh energy through it. In that almost 7000MWh is generated
in the Gulf of cambay in the state of Gujarat and Some other generation in some
other places. In Tamil Nadu they now initiated for the tidal energy and the
planning’s are going through to set up tidal energy in the Thamarabarani river
delta, for additional alternate source.

And last this Geo Thermal energy will be taking
place, in this geo thermal energy it is estimated to generate about 10000MWh
which is located in the Ladakh, and this geo thermal energy has seven provinces
in the India which are Himalayas, Sohana, West Coast, Cambay, Son-Narmada-Tapi
(SONATA), Godavari and Mahandi. This geo thermal plant is plantedacross our
country in the hill stations side to fulfill the increase in demands of the

through only alternate source that is Renewable energies.








Therefore,  there will be Increase in Uninterrupted power
supply for continuous Reliable in future Smart grid and this Alternate energy
source will be encouraged, that is Renewable source and this will be helpful to
be the clean Environment in our society!